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Attila the Hun: Old King Attila was far from a merry old soul. His horde of Hunnish warriors had been defeated at Chalons by a combined Roman and Visigoth army under Actius, Theodoric and Thorismond. Then even the softer target of Rome was snatched away by the wily diplomacy of Pope Leo I and his Roman delegation. And now, on the night of his wedding to Hildico, a comely German princess, he had serious nosebleed. Later that night, Attila, the "Scourge of Christianity" and leader of the Huns for twenty years, died in his sleep next to the new addition to his harem. Drunk from the wedding celebration, he choked on his own blood. Attila was about 47 years old. (Source: http://www.mmdtkw.org/VAttila.html)